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Amnesia Escorts is one of the most popular agencies for clients to book exclusive escorts in London.

For those of you who do not know what it is all about. Exclusive escorts are the one that is only listed with that agency. Some agencies will advertise that a girl is exclusive to them when she is actually not. It is a silly thing to do really since the majority of escort hobbyists are quite perceptive and they will spot the girl on the other agencies. At Amnesia Escorts you are never going to come across this, quite simply because we would not lie to you. Secondly, the girls do not want to trick us, because they are happy with the representation. They are getting all the bookings they need, and happy with the commission paying to us. When you have a happy escort, happy clients!

What does an exclusive girl mean to you?

When you book an exclusive escort, whether she is in London or anywhere else in the world, you can guarantee that she is not listing with any other agency. What this means for you is that you’re getting a girl who isn’t doing Exclusive Escorts loads and loads of bookings from agencies all over London; she’s not too busy! In addition, this is important. Exclusive escorts are usually very attentive, and they put 100% into the bookings they do. They are also exclusive because they only want to do a certain number of bookings, meaning that the ones they do are because they really want to do them. They are not usually desperate for money etc. and overall damn awesome!

The majority of exclusive escorts at Amnesia Escorts are more mature than the average London escort. More experienced and settled, if you like. They know what they like, and they know how to give their clients what they like too! We even have some UK porn stars that are listed with us as exclusive escorts.

What makes them so happy?

Well, they love their job! If they were doing it just for the money, they would be listed all over London, would not they? They do not have to get bookings all day and all night, every day of the week. They love what they do, and this is why they do it. Therefore, this is the main reason it makes them so happy. Another reason they are so happy when Amnesia Escorts represent them is that they pay less commission to us for the bookings they get. We let the exclusive ones have a better rate because they get us more business of course!

Want to become an exclusive escort?

This is for those escorts that are already listed with us, as well as new escorts that interested in the industry. We are arguably the very best agency for any girl who wants to be exclusive. If you already list with us, ask yourself just how many bookings you’re getting from us, and then ask whether or not you could manage on those bookings alone if we charged you less commission. It is worth a thought, isn’t it? Give us a call and we can discuss it in more detail. We have a lot of experience in the business, as some of you know.

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