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Incall vs Outcall. What it really means and what’s the difference.


In this business, escorts don’t call it “office”. It’s an “incall.” This is escort speak for any location where you, the client, come to see the escort model. A useful tip would be to ask if she lives alone in that house. By the way, Amnesia Escorts offers only Outcall services.


As a client, you visit the escort and the place can be her home or any other place such as a hotel of her choice.
Usually, incall sessions are less expensive than the outcalls because you will not charge with the hotel taxes.

The information about your residence remains unknown. Anyway, even if our escorts come to your home or anywhere else, your address and other personal information will be safe. We make sure they know a secret, they’re professional.


When you opt for outcall escort services, the escort visits your residence or hotel of your choice. If you are a tourist, the escort can recommend a hotel or apartment too. Outcalls are expensive as you have to bear the hotel charges, in case you have booked a hotel room. Hotel taxes will be paid by the customer without any exception.

Incall: The client comes to the place of business of the escort.
Outcall: The escort goes to the place where the client is staying.


Not all escorts will do both. A lot will have a preference for one or the other. Ensure you check their website or advertisement before you call.  It is not guaranteed that an escort will go to your home. Normally a hotel is preferred. In the United Kingdom, some outcalls will only go to 5-star hotels.

When you call agency escort or independent escorts ask all the information you need to be sure that you do the right choice. Ask which is better for you, Incall vs Outcall?!